Arts, Music & Entertainment in Riverside

Arts, Music & Entertainment in RiversideGreat performances abound in Riverside. The prospect of finding something worthwhile happening on a local stage is actually rather good, largely due to the talented people who make their home in Southern California. An up-and-coming band, a stunning art exhibit or a tremendously captivating dramatic stage performance are just a few of the experiences that await you when you make plans to check out all that the Riverside arts, music and entertainment scene has to offer.

Culver Center of the Arts
The type of performance you are getting ready for will be elevated to an even higher level when you experience it at the Culver Center for the Arts. This entertainment facility is one of the most respected in the country, as its dark walnut doors and naturally lit interior set the stage for a performance that comes to life thanks to the expansive stage and stunning acoustics. Whether it is a symphonic performance, a dazzling stage play or a graceful dance recital, you can be assured that you will have the opportunity to catch every nuance when you see it at the Culver Center for the Arts.

Address: 3834 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (951) 827-3755

UC Riverside - University Theatre
Don't miss the opportunity to see a compelling performance of music, dance or drama in the uniquely intimate setting of the University Theatre on the campus of the University of California at Riverside. Even though the entertainment facility only seats 500, its state-of-the-art sound and lights assures that every moment on stage is equipped to pack a memorable punch. The unique proscenium stage allows for a great view of the action from any vantage point.

Address: 400 Humanities Building, Between Lot 6 & Rivera Library, UC Riverside, Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 827-4331

Fox Performing Arts Center
The Fox Theatre in Riverside exudes a nearly palpable vintage charm. When you consider its history, it's no wonder that this haven for actors and performances of all kinds has a unique history and drama all its own. Initially featuring vaudeville performers, the theater soon began to screen films in the wake of the move away from vaudeville-type performances. Perhaps because of its proximity to Hollywood, this was a favorite entertainment venue for filmmakers to screen their soon-to-be-released movies for lucky audiences. The Fox holds the distinction of being the first place that Gone with the Wind was publicly screened. Various types of shows, concerts, and performances still take place here today.

Address: 3801-49 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 826-5311

Riverside Children's Theatre
You never know where the next star of stage or screen will come from. That's what makes the Riverside Children's Theatre such a truly magical place. This entertainment organization has been the leader in fostering both theatrical instruction and performances of the area's most talented young thespians since 1957. This acting school also regularly presents various stage productions, plays, musicals and other opportunities for budding performers to gain valuable experience on the stage.

Address: 2900 Adams Street, Suite B4, Riverside, CA 92504 - MAP

California Riverside Ballet
The Riverside Ballet has proudly celebrated over 50 years of excellence by developing the talents of local performers, securing various world-renowned engagements as well as continuously giving back to the local Riverside community. Through both instruction and performance, the ballet brings much entertainment to the stage, pleasing generations of audiences with such popular productions as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Snow White, just to name a few.

Address: 3840 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (951) 686-0226

Riverside Municipal Auditorium
It's always a good idea to frequently check out the entertainment schedule at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium if you are a big fan of music, drama, and other types of performances. This is the city's premier place to catch the best in live music or various types of stage productions. The sound system and acoustics are excellent, the seating area is comfortable and affords great stage views, and the quality of what's happening in the spotlight will keep you coming back for various engagements time and time again.

Address: 3485 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (951) 346-4700