Hidden Treasures in Riverside

Hidden Treasures in RiversideThere's nothing quite like the feeling of discovery. When you stumble upon something totally unexpected that suddenly means a great deal to you, one of your first reactions may be to not want to tell anyone of your special find. But sooner or later, you just have to share. That is exactly the feeling that awaits you when you make time to visit the various shops, venues and establishments that can be categorized as nothing less than some of Riverside's hidden treasures.

Mr. Beasley's Antiques and Wholesale Antique Warehouse
The search for that vintage item doesn't have to be as dusty as you might think. Instead, let the professionals at Mr. Beasley's Antiques and Wholesale Antique Warehouse help point you in the right direction to find exactly what you are looking for. Mr. Beasley has been specializing in acquiring some of the most coveted antiques from around the world since 1974. When you browse through the store, you will no doubt be impressed by the ever-changing inventory of quality antique furniture, collectibles, jewelry, and more. All items are in excellent condition, and the prices are all set at impressively competitive levels.

Address: 3653 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (951) 682-8127
Web: www.mrbeasleys.com

6th Street Antiques & Toys
Memories of that classic toy from your childhood don't have to stay memories when you step into Riverside's 6th Street Antiques & Toys. This charming out-of-the-way shop is a treasure trove of classic toys from the past. The staff and management have gone to great lengths to acquire versions of the toys you grew up with in the best possible condition to make them more collectible. This is where the world of antique classic toys and your memories meet!

Address: 3601 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (951) 222-2071

The Gas Pump
Is there a corner or room of your house that needs something truly unique and memorable? You'll find exactly that and more when you visit The Gas Pump in Riverside. Even though this shop's tag line offers “Everything for the game room,” these items will make any part of your home feel playful and fun. The Gas Pump features an incredible array of vintage items that include classic signs, jukeboxes, Coke machines, gumball machines, barber items, furniture, and, yes, even vintage gas pumps and service station items!

Address: 9637 Magnolia, Riverside, CA 92503 - MAP
Phone: (951) 689-7113
Web: www.thegaspumpstore.com

Rick's Antique Furniture & Appliances
They don't make 'em like the used to. Need proof? Visit Rick's Antique Furniture and Appliances to see some excellent examples of some of the world's best-made furniture and housewares. Rick's has been in the same location since it opened its doors in 1977 and continues that longstanding tradition of buying and selling quality furniture and appliances in good to new condition. Make sure to stop in or check the website regularly as the inventory at Rick's is always changing.

Address: 18651 Valley Boulevard, Bloomington, CA 92316 - MAP
Phone: (909) 877-1014
Web: www.ricksantiquefurniture.com

Red Planet Records
In a world where everyone seems to be downloading their music, it's refreshing to find a store as real as Red Planet Records. This music shop has an ever-growing legion of regulars who come in to not only find out what's new, but to rifle through the bins to seek out the latest arrivals in classic vinyl, import CDs and much more. The staff is quite knowledgeable and there are frequent in-store artist performances.

Address: 6192 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92516 - MAP
Phone: (951) 686-9544

Downtowne Bookstore
There's nothing like a good read, and you can find plenty of items to explore when you visit the Downtowne Bookstore in Riverside. This charming establishment has been a favorite of local bookworms since 1979. Among the many stacks and shelves, you'll find everything from children's books to first-edition collectibles to tomes on politics and history. If you don't find exactly what you're after, the helpful staff can special order it for you.

Address: 3582 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (951) 682-1082