Riverside Museums & History

Riverside Museums & HistoryNo matter how much progress, change and challenge the future brings, there are several important lessons that we can learn from our past, and those lessons are reflected at the museums and historical places in Riverside. It doesn't really matter what type of exhibit is being presented, the stories and struggles of those who came before are all vividly replayed as lessons which teach us much, and those lessons of the past are strongly linked to the future. Learn them again and again when you visit the museums and historical places throughout the city.

March Field Air Museum
There's plenty of high-flying history to discover when you visit the March Field Air Museum. This is where stories of aviation, military, and March Field all come alive. See various vintage aircraft, get up close to special collections of planes, and learn about some truly fascinating aeronautical history. You may even get to see one of these classic aircraft in the process of being restored.

Address: PO Box 6463, March ARB, CA 92518 - MAP
Phone: (951) 902-5949
Web: www.marchfield.org

Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center
The Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center is more than just a history lesson–it is a compelling, interactive experience that offers visitors a chance to learn about archeology, geology, paleontology, and earth sciences. There are several types of experiences that await you the minute you step through the door of this enticingly well-laid out museum. There's a good balance of hands-on activities, multi-media exhibits and visually compelling presentations that all make for a “rock solid” experience that's both educational and fun.

Address: 7621 Granite Hill Drive, Riverside, CA 92509 - MAP
Phone: (909) 685-5818
Web: jmdc.org

Heritage House
The role of the citrus horticulture in the history of California is sweetly significant. Learn how that natural resource turned into a big business as it intertwined with the area's history when you visit the Riverside Heritage House. This truly classic Victorian home offers a compelling domestic snapshot of what an affluent citrus grower's home looked like in the late 19th century. Vintage furniture, interesting personal effects and various details all create a truly realistic scenario. Plus, the house museum is set amid an impressive 1.3 acres of orange groves.

Address: 8193 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 826-5273
Web: www.riversideca.gov

California Museum of Photography
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words are hanging in the California Museum of Photography? Find out when you pay a visit to this highly enjoyable facility that is a feast for the eyes from beginning to end. See stunning prints by such famous photographers as Ansel Adams, Lewis Hine, Alfred Steiglitz and Mary Ellen Mark. The expertly lit pieces all seem to come alive as you stroll from one exhibit to the next. Don't forget to stop into the gift shop to purchase copies of your favorite prints.

Address: 3824 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501 - MAP
Phone: (909) 787-4787
Web: www.cmp.ucr.edu

Jensen-Alvarado Historic Ranch & Museum
It's one thing to read about history; it's entirely different when it comes alive as vividly as it does at the Jensen-Alvarado Historic Ranch and Museum. Step back in time to see what Riverside looked like more than one hundred years ago, as this living history museum features costumed guides, various demonstrations, and even hands-on activities that visitors will truly enjoy. These include everything form tortilla rolling to brick making. Learn how things were done back in the 1800s, a lesson that will be interesting and fun for the whole family. The kids will especially enjoy feeding the farm animals as they learn about the area's history in a truly memorable and interactive way.

Address: 4307 Briggs Street, Riverside, CA 92509 - MAP
Phone: (909) 369-6055
Web: www.rivcoparks.org

Riverside Metropolitan Museum
The Riverside Metropolitan Museum brings together various aspects of science and history and presents them all in a way that uniquely reflects the beauty and diversity of the area. Everything from the flowering of desert plants, various anthropological exhibits, as well as various presentations that highlight different aspects of Riverside's natural history all perfectly combine to create an experience in which visitors will learn much while being fascinated several times along the way.

Address: 3580 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 826-5273
Web: www.riversideca.gov

Riverside Art Museum
Show your significant other that you have a uniquely romantic view of your relationship when you take her to the Riverside Art Museum. This is an ideal place to meet and take in all the exceptional art that is displayed here. From various media to different themes, this is where the two of you will enjoy strolling from one eye-catching exhibit to the next. There's also a gift shop to stop into before you depart, and by picking up an art print or a souvenir, you'll demonstrate how much your sweetheart means to you, and how your love is a constant work in progress.

Address: 3425 Mission Ave, Riverside, CA, 92501 - MAP
Phone: (909) 684-7111
Web: www.riversideartmuseum.org