Riverside Outdoor Activities

Riverside Outdoor ActivitiesThe pressures of your daily work schedule more than likely keep you in front of your computer screen and in your cubicle all day long. Sometimes, there's no escaping that “stuffy” feeling. In reality, there actually is an easy way to clear your head and get a new perspective, and it involves spending some quality time outdoors. Whether you have a limited time frame or all day, there are plenty of parks, gardens, and other excellent outdoor destinations in Riverside that will not only help you to feel refreshed and energized, it may just turn you into a bona fide nature lover!

Santa Ana River Trail
For a great outdoor adventure in Riverside, hit the trail! The Santa Ana River Trail is an extensive recreational trail and bike path that runs along the beautiful Santa Ana River. Joggers, bikers, and recreational warriors love this trail as it is the perfect opportunity to get some great exercise while taking in some of the area's most breathtaking beauty. This trail is impressive for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it stretches on for over 70 miles.

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California Citrus State Historic Park
Get a closer look at some of California's most essential elements of nature when you visit the California Citrus State Historic Park. This very special park is dedicated to preserving the history of the state's lucrative citrus industry. The park will paint a compelling, interactive picture of the rise of the Southern California citrus industry. This inviting and comfortable outdoor venue features an open-air museum that features antique farm equipment as well as, of course, an orchard full of citrus trees.

Address: 9400 Dufferin Avenue, Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 780-6222
Web: parks.ca.gov

Bordwell Park
Get off the couch and get the kids away from their video games and plan a great afternoon of outdoor fun at Riverside's Bordwell Park. This expansive park offers plenty of room for running around, ball games, and other great fun. The park also features an impressive selection of refurbished play equipment that includes slides, swings, and a couple of challenging jungle gyms. There are also a few climbing walls available for the kids a chance to safely scale.

Address: 2008 Martin Luther King Blvd, Riverside, CA - MAP
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Indio Hills Palms State Park
There are parks and then there are the parks that hold an incredible number of distinctive outfeatures like the kind that you will find at Indio Hills Palms State Park. The park is centered around a line where the San Andreas fault accumulated ground water and nurtures the incredible variety of palms that are found here. This is an impressively large, 2,206-acre park area that is home to several palm groves. This is where you can take in the visually stunning Hidden, Pushawalla, Briska, Macomber and Horseshoe palms.

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Phone: (760) 393-3059
Web: parks.ca.gov

Don Derr Park
Planning a day out with the family but want to steer clear of the expected? The answer for great outdoor fun is at Riverside's Don Derr Park. This inviting park offers plenty of activities for every member of your family. The park features PlayBooster and PlayShaper playground components that are designed for fun, exercise and safety. The park also features several larger-than-usual play areas that include a good number of more traditional playground equipment like swings, slides and seesaws.

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