Unique Riverside Tours

Unique Riverside ToursEverything in life is a matter of perspective. How you look at something and your continued or altered vantage point will give you a deeper understanding of what you are looking at. That is true of many situations, but it also applies to when you want to learn about a place as interesting and inviting as Riverside. When you get on board for any of the city's entertaining and educational tours, you will get to know the historically significant people, places and events from a highly memorable perspective.

Heritage House
Traveling back in time is the wish of any history buff, and while it may not be physically possible to traverse time to another era, stepping into Riverside's Heritage House is actually the next best thing. Peer into what life was like on the West Coast in the late 19th century as this restored Victorian home creates a highly memorable picture that dramatically and accurately represents that time period. Experience part of the gilded age in Riverside's history when you tour this finely detailed representation of what life was like for the city's most privileged inhabitants who lived along Magnolia Avenue in homes that resembled this one. Heritage House is open for tours all year except for July and August.

Address: 8193 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 826-5273
Web: www.riversideca.gov

Mount Rubidoux
Riverside's Mount Rubidoux is one of those places that seems to have a lasting effect on you long after your visit is concluded. While it may initially be seen as just a hill among the city's landscape, on closer inspection, it is much more than that. Not only is it a city park but Mount Rubidoux is also a historic landmark that, among its natural charms, has the distinction of being the site of the nation's oldest non-denominational Easter Sunrise service in the United States. There are also several historical markers and memorials on the hill, with the most famous being the cross at the summit that is dedicated to Father Junipero Serra. An informal, self-guided tour of this Riverside attraction is well worth it.

Address: Rubidoux, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 826-5311
Web: www.alltrails.com

Fox Performing Arts Center
The West Coast is associated with many things, not the least of which is show business. And Riverside has various historical links to Hollywood, one of them being the Riverside Fox Theater. This vintage venue has the distinction of being the first theater to preview the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind. It has undergone a series of renovations in late 2009 and was reopened in January of 2010. It is now the hub of the arts and entertainment district in Riverside. Informal tours are available, one that both history buffs and fans of entertainment lore will really enjoy.

Address: Rubidoux, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 779-9800
Web: venue.riversidepac.com

Harada House
The historical significance of the Harada House is linked to a high profile court case that took place between 1916 and 1918. The house was built in 1884 and is located at 3356 Lemon Street. It became the focus of a case that tested exclusionary legislation. At the center of the case was whether Japanese immigrant Jukichi Harada's children could own the house, as they were the American-born children of the immigrant. The court ruled in favor of the children, a law that set a significant legal precedent. The Harada House is now a National Historic Landmark and is overseen by the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. Tours are available by appointment.

Address: Riverside, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 826-5311
Web: www.riversideca.gov

The Asistencia
The Asistencia was established in 1819 as part of the Mission San Gabriel's Rancho San Bernardino. This mission functioned as an outpost for cattle grazing activities as well as a beacon of help to cattle workers and travelers throughout the area. The Asistencia buildings that still stand here are available for informal tours and are filled with highly interesting exhibits, details and items that tell the story of this transitional time in this area's development and history.

Address: 26930 Barton Road, Redlands, CA - MAP
Phone: (909) 793-5402
Web: www.sbcounty.gov

Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle
When visiting Riverside and its surrounding areas, you can't miss the opportunity to experience a breathtaking tour of the adjoining wine country. The professionals at Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle tours make it all possible. You can choose from two daily wine tasting tours, with the Vineyard Picnic Tour being the most popular, as it includes a gourmet picnic lunch in a spectacular winery garden. In addition, you will be able to explore several premier wine regions that feature several vintages and tastes that will simply dazzle your senses! There are several tour packages available, so check the website for the one that fits your time schedule and budget.

Address: Temecula, CA - MAP
Phone: (951) 693-5755
Web: www.gogrape.com